Typical costs of treatment

Please note - different clinics charge different fees. This is a hypothetical case, based on the Montreal Gazette 2002 article Boomers trying to beat clock.

One IVF cycle where sperm is injected into the egg $5,500
One IVF cycle with donor egg $6,500
Embryo freezing $1,000
Assisted hatching $350
IVF consultation $300
Drugs $2,500

Other costs: (when it’s male-related infertility)

Sperm aspiration $1,000-$2000
Semen analysis $120
Insemination $275-$575
Sperm freezing and one year storage $500
(each additional year) $200

Frozen Embryo Transfer Costs

Hatching $350
Five ultrasounds $800
Five bloodtests $450
Five daily visits $223
Administration fees $515

If you are willing to bear the cost, experts say a successful pregnancy can easily set you back $40,000 or more.

Source: Fertility Awareness Association of Canada