Blood tests - Montreal

Local blood tests for

  • Beta HCG
  • progesterone
  • CBC
  • HIV
  • prolactin
  • hepatitis
  • rubella
  • etc.

can be done at the hospital. However, often the results take some time and mistakes are often made when unusual testing is done as is the case with infertility. Mycoplasma cultures can take up to two months to be processed. I have found it to be more convenient to pay for blood testing which is usually a tax deductable expense (check with your accountant).

CDL Laboratories at 
5990 Cote des Neiges 
Tel: (514) 344-8022

is reliable and efficient. Most results are available the next day. They also provide same day service for those of you who what to know the results of your Beta HCG within a few hours. CDL has limited hours on the weekends.

Blood tests-Plattsburgh

If you are planning to have blood work done at the Beer Clinic in North Chicago, and cannot afford to travel there, I highly recommend that you drive to Plattsburgh to have your blood drawn and shipped. The initial blood work will involve approximately 15 tubes from the female and 17 from the male partner. The blood is perishable and has to be in North Chicago within 18 hours of having been drawn so timing is critical.

The Champlain Valley Physician’s Hospital (CVPH) 
75 Beakman St. 
Plattsburgh, NY 
(hwy 87, exit 37) 
Tel: (518) 561-2000

has the proper blood vials and sometimes they have the packaging necessary to safely ship the blood (if they don't have packaging, see the instructions for packaging blood below). They charge a nominal fee, approximately US$7 for a vena puncture for each patient. Call ahead and ask for extention 7400. Speak to the supervisor and tell them that you are from Montreal and will be needing to have your blood drawn and shipped to the Beer Clinic in North Chicago (at the time of this writing the supervisor’s name is Dot Baker, the clerk is Tara, and the technician is Christine). They will probably ask you to fax her the number and types of tubes that you will need for each of you so that she can prepare for your arrival in advance.

The fax # is: (518) 562-7415.

You must bring a copy of your documents from The Beer Clinic indicating the tests that are to be done in Chicago, with the doctor’s signature on it, for CVPH’s files. Keep in mind that you can't have the blood drawn before 4:00 p.m. because it has to get to North Chicago within 18 hrs of having been drawn. The hospital will ship your blood if you provide a FedEx account number but if for any reason they can't ship it or you don't have a FedEx number, you should go to FedEx yourself, no later than 5 p.m., and send the blood by FedEx "Priority First" overnight delivery (available Mon-Thurs). They are located just down the street from the hospital at 768 Route 3. While you are at FedEx, ask them to give you a pile of specimen packs. These are large plastic biospecimen bags that you will need for future shipments.

Directions to CVPH

After the border, take Hwy 87 to exit 37 After you exit, turn right onto route 3 Drive straight until you come to the fork in the road, stay left (you will see a blue hospital sign on the right side, ignore it because that is the route to the back of the hospital) After you stay to the left, go straight, following the blue hospital signs to Beakman. You will see the hospital. Go to "Patient Registration" on the first floor, tell them why you are there and pay for your vena puncture (approx. US$7 each). Proceed to the lab to have your blood drawn.

Additional Testing to be done in Montreal

After your initial blood work has been sent, you may need additional tests. You can go to CDL to have your blood drawn for $25. You should send the blood via Federal Express from Montreal. Send the package "International Priority" overnight. You will need a Styrofoam container and a cardboard box to protect the blood from heat or cold. You can get these for 50 cents each at

5319 Cleroux 
Tel: 334-1365

Call ahead and ask "Bill" for the Northern Telecom Styrofoam pack and cardboard box.

Bloodtests Elsewhere

There are numerous places to have bloodtesting done across the US and Canada. If you are unsure where to have this done, contact the Beer Clinic in North Chicago for information or where to go.

Packaging the Blood

To package your blood properly:

  1. Label the tubes with your name, your doctor, the date and time the blood was drawn. Remember, they have to be able to distinguish which blood came from which partner so don't put both names on he tube.
  2. Put the tubes in a small biohazard bag or "Ziplock" freezer bag, and seal it.
  3. Put the bag inside a Styrofoam container (from Styropac, see above) and secure with scrunched up newspaper if necessary. Tape the container shut with packing tape, not masking tape.
  4. Place the container inside the Federal Express biospeciman bag along with a photocopy of your prescription.
  5. Put the package inside a cardboard box and secure with more scrunched up newspaper. Seal with packing tape.
  6. On the Federal Express form give the value of the package as $1. You have to give a description of what is being shipped. Write "Blood for infertility testing. Does not contain HIV or Hepatitis A, B, or C". Put another copy of your prescription for the blood tests with the packing slip. Make a point of telling the Federal Express counterperson that the blood is in a Federal Express biohazard specimen bag. They may ask it you have done this before, say yes because it has been done before but the counterperson may not be aware. At 10:30 the next morning, call

    1-800-463-3339 with your FedEx waybill number

    and ask to trace the package to be sure it arrived.

Pharmacy (Montreal)

Pharmacy Lynn Blouin is the best infertility pharmacy in Montreal. Lynn is wonderful at providing the necessary medications and information. Also, her prices are the best in town. She is located in the strip mall attached to

50 Cremazie 
on the corner of Boul. St. Laurent and the Metropolitan East at exit St-Laurent 
Tel: (514) 389-1318.

Obstetrician (Montreal)

Dr. Samir Kalife is an excellent choice,

3550 Cote des Neiges, suite 700 
Tel: (514) 933-8877

For recurrent miscarriage and very high-risk pregnancies, I recommend

Dr. Alice Benjamin 
Royal Victoria Hospital 
Tel: (514) 843-2894.