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recurrent miscarriage

References for: Causes, evaluation, and treatment.

Medscape Women’s Health 1998 May;3(3):2 (ISSN: 1521-2076) Bick RL; Madden J; Heller KB; Toofanian A

Thrombosis Clinical Center, Department of Medicine (Hematology & Oncology), Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Tex., USA.


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Dr. Bick is Director, Thrombosis Clinical Center, Department of Medicine (Hematology & Oncology), Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, Tex., and Professor at the University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Tex.

Dr. Madden and Dr. Toofanian are in the Department of Obstetrics/Gynecology, Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas.

Ms. Heller is Director, Genetic Counseling Associates, Dallas, Tex.

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